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As cars get more hi-spec and hi-tech it may seem less important to make sure you get your VW serviced. But, this makes it even more imperative that you keep your VW serviced and keep a record of each service you have done up-to-date. Making sure your vehicle is regularly serviced will help in the performance of your car. Servicing your vehicle keeps it running smoothly and performing at the level that it should. Also, it makes the process of your vehicle’s MOT a lot less problematic as problems can be picked up and dealt with beforehand to keep your vehicle roadworthy. You can find a reputable garage that offers VW car servicing in Newton Abbott.

Affordable Services Provided by Technicians

Choosing a garage that has an outstanding reputation for taking quality care of any make and models of vehicles is one you can trust with your VW. You will receive affordable car services from experienced technicians. The diagnostics equipment they use is high-quality and of the latest technology which means if the engine in your vehicle is faulty a technician will find out faster. Whether you are bringing your VW in for a minor or major service, a skilled technician will pay attention to detail when giving a detailed inspection as well as offer their professional advice. The services technicians provide for you include clean and inspect clutch and brakes, change oil and replace air filters, check tyres, and service your air conditioning.

Other Car Services Offered

So you can rest at ease, a technician will give your VW a full road test. This test will make sure that components are functioning as they should. A technician will ensure all the lights are working properly, look at the steering alignment, and test the battery. If your vehicle is going to be at the garage for a while and you need to run errands, technicians will supply you with a courtesy vehicle until they are finished with servicing your VW. Click here for more information.