The Importance of Quality Surface Dressing

by | May 10, 2017 | Road Construction Company

Surface dressing is a quick, efficient and sustainable way to provide a well-maintained and safe road set-up. This type of service has been used by private developments, private estates, and local authorities. If you need a roadway maintained you will want to use the service of surface dressing in Wallingford which is provided by experienced contractors. Quality surface dressing on a road is highly important for drivers. It provides a safe and non-skid road surface. If a road is severely patched surface dressing can improve the appearance of a road.

Contractors Provide Roadway Maintenance

Expert contractors can provide complete road and footway maintenance. Surface dressing roadways can guarantee that skid resistance is improved and water will be prevented from harming any foundations. The contractors will apply a long-term waterproof seal to your road. Therefore, you will not sustain a high cost of longstanding damage to the foundation or road surface. Experienced and well-trained contractors works with high-quality and reliable equipment as well as work in an efficient and safe manner. They also provide a variety of surface dressings which include single, double, pad coat, racked, and sandwich. After contractors are finished surface dressing a road they will inform you to not speed on the roadway. If a driver is speeding it can cause damage to the paint on their vehicle or even chip the windshield. Therefore, it is recommended you have warning signs set-up so drivers will lower their speed so the chippings can get embedded in the road. For more information, click here.

Benefits of Using Surface Dressing

There are numerous benefits of using surface dressing. It is affordable and cost-effective as well as this method will last longer than other alternatives. It will extend the life of the road. It eliminates traffic build-up on a road because it doesn’t take a long time to surface a road. The materials used are environmentally-friendly and will conserve natural resources.

Hazell and Jefferies Ltd are surface dressing contractors providing complete footway and road maintenance services Wallingford, UK and surrounding areas.

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