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Like every other industry the construction industry is motivated by productivity, efficiency and profit. Any new innovative equipment that is introduced that increases efficiency is welcome as long as the result is a solid structure built in a safe manner.

One innovation that has helped the construction in more ways than one is concrete pumping in Newport. Concrete pumping is an ideal approach to placing concrete; they can be employed on skyscrapers just as easy as they can be employed on pouring the slab for a single family home.

What is concrete pumping?

Basically, concrete pumping is just a simpler and more efficient way to pour concrete. Rather than employ a number of labourers to move the concrete from the mixer truck to the pour site by hand, a dedicated machine is used to transfer the liquid concrete, eliminated a considerable amount of labour. There are two types of pumps; boom pumps and line pumps.

When pumping concrete in Newport using a boom pump an operator guides a remote controlled arm to pour the concrete where needed, these pumps are more often the style used for large construction projects. This type of pump can move a large volume of concrete and they deliver it very accurately. A line pump on the other hand employs lengths of rubber hose or steel pipe attached directly to the concrete pump. The hose is positioned where the concrete pour is to be made. Either method of concrete pumping in Newport saves labour.

One major benefit of delivering concrete via pumping is an improved mix as less water is required than with other methods. When less water is used to mix the concrete it will not shrink to the same extent nor will it tend to crack as it cures.

When concrete is delivered and poured by pump the delivery is considerably more accurate, this means there are fewer interruptions on the job and the end result is more professional in appearance. Companies that pour concrete for a living are well aware of how the finished appearance is important to their customers. It is one of those typical things; no one notices a good job but everyone notices when there are spills and messy pours.

The use of concrete pumping in Newport makes short work of difficult jobs. Boom arms can reach over a house if necessary so that concrete can be placed in areas which are otherwise inaccessible by other equipment. You can click here to get more details.

If you are faced with pouring a very high volume of concrete or pouring it in an area which is impossible to reach then concrete pumping in Newport is the solution. You are invited to contact South Wales Concrete pumping for further information.