The Technology of Concrete

by | Jul 5, 2023 | Construction and Maintenance

It may not be understood, but the truth is that there is technology behind concrete that goes beyond just mixing the substance and pouring it. Concrete is made up of stone, water, cement, and sand. All of these ingredients are necessary in order to create concrete, as well as helpful additives. Comprehending how to concrete in Watford is easy when using experienced concrete companies. Professional concrete companies understand that it is important to keep concrete components stored in bins that are separate until they are ready to be mixed. The actual unit that is used to mix the concrete is significant, as well. When an order is received all of the details concerning the region, the type of project the concrete is needed for, and a working time frame are all considered so the mix is prepared at the correct consistency. Calibrated controls allow the concrete contents to be proportioned and metered volumetrically in the mixing auger while being constantly monitored. During this process the ingredients are mixed on-site to create concrete that is made to order per customer.

Mixing Continuously and Volumetric Proportioning

Two of the most important aspects of creating professional-grade concrete are mixing continuously and volumetric proportioning. Using these methods has proved to be advantageous verses using drum mixers or batching plants. Instead using volumetric proportioning and the continuous act of mixing allows concrete companies to deliver fresh concrete to any job site. There is virtually no waste. Distinct concrete mixes can be made using these methods too because they allow instant changes that produce varying concrete production from the exact same load. Volumetric concrete is in demand and used by a multitude of construction companies due to the freshness of the concrete, and the improved workability.

Concrete that Is Mixed When Ready for Use

The beauty of using a volumetric mixer means that concrete will be mixed exactly when it is needed. Normally this denotes that the concrete is not mixed until it is on site so there is no chance of segregation or hydration during transit. This is perfect for days that are hot, or for deliveries that are at distant locations. Using a volumetric mixer also allows different types of concrete to be produced on a project site. Different types of concrete can include added admixtures, foamed concrete, pigmented concrete, and fibre enhanced concrete. These types of concretes are of high value and are mixed well using volumetric mixers.

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