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Purchasing timber requires one to make an informed decision so that the timber can meet their anticipated needs. As a fact, you should only buy timber from a professional merchant. They have various types of timber and they stock large volumes so you can rest assured that you will find the quantity and quality that you need from a merchant.

Grading Guarantees Satisfaction

Timber is used for various purposes which require specific characteristics of timber. You therefore need to know the type of timber that is suitable for various uses. Grading timbers helps to determine the strength of wood and its ability to be used in various projects. Timber can be graded visually or using a machine. An experienced grader uses his experience in dealing with various types of wood to estimate the strength of the wood. If you need advice on the types or grades of wood including pressure treated, size of timber, stress graded, or sawn, the grader is always willing to provide.

The Expert

It always pays to work with an experienced timber merchant. Since the merchants have been handling timber for a long time, they will advise you on the type and grade of timber to buy depending on the use. You can choose between softwood and hardwood depending on the use. Some merchants use the timber that they sell to make various wood work items such as furniture. Merchants who are skilled craftsmen can give ideas on designs for creating various items. You can also buy their woodwork items since they are of high quality. The merchants sell various wood products which they cut at their sawmill using only high quality timber. Do you live in Exeter or are you looking for timber merchants in Exeter? Contact Blamphayne Sawmill Ltd. They stock high quality timber.