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Many commercial extractor fans on the market can help you cover a variety of applications, from quiet airflow systems to large commercial applications. The point is that you’ve got a variety of choices, which is why you should consider each one carefully before deciding to specify or buy it, to you ensure you get the best fan for your requirement.


Primarily, you’re going to be focussed on the price of the fan, which is an important aspect. Whilst it can be easy to focus only on the price, it’s necessary to consider other points such as how much air you need to move, how will the extracted air be made-up, what is the length of the duct run, how will it be installed?

Noise Levels

By their very nature, extractor fans can be somewhat noisy, especially if they are running at high speeds & moving large volumes of air. choose the right fan for your application along with duct sound attentuators (silencers), then you will hardly hear them, & staff & customers alike probably won’t notice them at all.


In-line fans are an attractive option & & available from Anglo Nordic. They can be mounted in a false celing, or on the roof & may be placed far away from the area of extracted air.

Other Factors

People often think they can use domestic extractor fans because they are cheaper to install & buy, & can be replaced for a lower price whilst commercial systems cannot. A domestic (residential fan), is usually not powerful enough nor move a high enough volume of air, leaving you with the same results which is why you should consider it as an investment. You’ll want to seek a reputable supplier such as Anglo Nordic who can assist with selection & supply.