Things to Think About When Filling Your Skip

by | Jun 10, 2014 | Business

If you have hired a skip, then you need to make sure that you fill it up efficiently. If you throw your rubbish into your skip without any regards for its positioning, then you won’t fit as much in. This is certainly something to think about, and by planning out your waste you can be sure to make the most out of your waste disposal. For example, if you have several planks of wood, you may want to lay these down the sides of the skip so they don’t take up much room. Placing these planks down the middle won’t do you much good, and it will shut off potential space at the bottom.

Bags of Waste

If you have bags of waste, such as rubble or pebbles then you may want to place these at the bottom. The same goes for any bricks or loose waste. This way you don’t have to worry about them falling off after use, and the whole skip is a lot safer. Another thing to think about when filling your skip is the type of waste you have. If you’re disposing of wallpaper, you may want to fold the paper into squares so the whole thing is much more compact. If you’re disposing of green waste, then don’t put loose branches at the bottom. Fill the bottom with pebbles, soil and grass, placing the branches down the sides. This will maximise your space, not to mention that it will also make each journey more efficient for both you and the driver.

Waste You Should Avoid

Many companies are happy to take dangerous waste, such as asbestos. They won’t however be willing to take waste such as computer monitors and screens. Screens are very dangerous when placed in high impact environments, so you should never place these inside your skips. Instead, you should take them to your nearest recycling facility. They will dispose of the screen and you can also do your part for the environment by using their services. Another thing to think about when disposing of your waste is tires. Many skip disposal companies won’t take tires, as they are very difficult to recycle and they can become very hot if left in warm conditions. Other waste such as wood, plastic, wallpaper, rubble, grass, and even glass can be disposed of with ease by using a skip so you should always fill yours up carefully if you want to make the most out of your investment. Contact your skip hire in Bishops Stortford today to find out more.

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