Self storage is a service that has been well-known for years but recently, it has become increasingly popular. Although a relatively new phenomenon, the industry has grown significantly in the UK over the last decade. Why, you ask? Well, self storage in Leicestershire is available on a long or short term basis and can be used however you wish. Whether you want to keep family heirlooms safe or free up space in the home/business environment, locking your possessions in a secure storage unit could provide peace of mind. If you’re not quite convinced, check out these advantages of storage in Leicestershire.

Relocations or Renovations

Planning on going travelling for a couple of months? Maybe your home is in need of a major makeover and you don’t know where to put all of your belongings? Whether you are preparing for a relocation or renovation, self storage in Leicestershire is a great idea. Companies that rent out units will offer their facilities on a long or short-term basis. The best thing about it is that they are readily available on short notice, so should you decide to pack up and go, you need not worry about rushing to sell, bin or donate the items that you really want to keep!

Retail Store Secondary Storage

When your business is expanding you will need to invest in more merchandise, should the business be focused on a product, rather than a service. Secondary storage in Leicestershire is one of the most popular uses, because retail businesses can make use of the secure units to conceal new and old stock. A cost effective way to store out-of-season goods, equipment and hardware, it is a convenient way of saving space in the work environment and making room for new stock.

Business Document Archiving

Legal papers and accounting books can take up a lot of room, but for most businesses, it is a necessity to hold on to these items for a certain number of years. If these sensitive documents get into the wrong hands, your company could be in jeopardy, proving the importance of getting storage in Leicestershire. Units are perfect for this kind of long-term use, because they can be accessed regularly. What’s more, as the key holder of the storage unit, nobody else will have access to business documents.

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