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Most people in Croydon assume the use of a safe storage company is just for home removals. It is common for those moving in the city or to a surrounding location to keep their household possessions in storage for a short period. However, there are other times when a removal company with safe storage options can also be a benefit to any homeowner.

Selling Your Home

Today, staging the home and having the space decluttered is considered an essential selling point for any type of residence. It may well be the household items creating the clutter are some of your favourites and items you certainly want to bring to your new home.

Calling in a removal service that also provides short or long-term storage in a safe, well-maintained facility is a simple way to address the issue. The safe storage company and removal service will pack, wrap, box and transport your extra belongings to their secure storage facility, then move it to your new location when your home is sold.


Renovating a home in Croydon, particularly older homes with major renovations, is always a challenge. Finding dry, covered and secured space to store furniture, household possessions, and appliances during the renovations can be a challenge.

Calling in a safe storage company to pack, wrap and remove the contents of the home is a wise decision. With secured storage, there is no risk of damage to your valuable items, plus there is no need to continually move furniture and items from room to room during the renovation process.

When looking for a storage company in the Croydon area, start by comparing local removal services. Arnold & Self is a top example of a quality removal service offering short and long-term storage solutions to meet the needs of their customers.