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Can you imagine how disheartened, cheated and upset you would feel if another company were to register the trademark that you were keen to register? Or picture this – you find a company that offers trademark registration in the UK and get everything confirmed, only to discover that the name, symbol or logo is much too similar to that of another brand, resulting in your company’s uniqueness going out of the window. Sounds pretty brutal, doesn’t it? This problem is all too common among new business owners who don’t know a whole lot about registering a trademark. Avoiding drawbacks and disappointment all begins with choosing a memorable name, so don’t waste any time in learning how to select a strong trademark. The following tips will make it easy to choose a trademark that is memorable and hard to compare.

Considering the Trademark Registration Criteria

Don’t let yourself make the mistake of putting a lot of time and effort into designing a brand identity and seeking out a company that provides trademark registration in the UK, only to learn that your trademark doesn’t meet the required criteria. Yes, there are some do’s and don’ts  you ought to know about the process and yes, a solicitor in the field could help out with this. Should the mark be three-dimensional, misleading or offensive in any way, it will be deemed unacceptable and won’t be permitted by the law, so always consider the criteria first.

Make the Name Stand Out

It is always good to stand out, particularly if you offer services in a saturated market. Trademark registration in the UK gives you an opportunity to entice new customers and gain the respect of existing customers with whatever you consider your trademark to be. This type of intellectual property doesn’t just have to be a name. Oh no – it can be a variety of things, such as a domain name, symbol, logo, slogan, or even a jingle that people can sing along to and remember you by!

Think About Your Online Presence

How big is your social media following? Do people know how to find you online if they are interested in your products or services? We are now in the digital age and unless you hop aboard the digital train, your business could be left behind and overtaken by businesses that actually have (and sustain) an online presence. Before you go ahead with UK trademark registration, research to find out if a matching domain name is available. This will make all the difference and the exclusive rights will be yours, so you can use your trademark both online and offline to build your army of followers and be considered a serious business owner.