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When moving house, you need to consider the work involved before deciding whether or not to hire removal companies in Oxford. To start with, you need to pack all the property to be transported then you have to haul it to the new place and unpack it. The work can lead to emotional as well as physical stress. Instead of all the stress, why not hire a removal company to help you?

They have experience and the skills to move your property safely. As you look for a removal company, consider the following;

* Provide as much information as possible – As soon as you identify the removal company that you want to work with, provide them with all information especially concerning the new place you are moving to. Information such as the flight of stairs and the new premises access points will prepare them in advance.

* Get many quotes – The quotes help you to compare the services and the quotes from different removal companies from Oxford. Start looking for the quotes well in advance before the moving date so that you can have ample time to make the comparisons. Some removal companies send a representative to your home before giving a quote.

* Insurance – During moving, there are times when property gets damaged or lost so ensure the removal company has insurance. Examine your agreement with the removal company to make sure it has a clause to cover any lost or damaged property.

* Reviews – Do not hire a removal company unless you are sure they offer reliable services. Talk to your friends, family members or check online to see what previous clients are saying about the company.

Do you need a reliable and professional removal company? Greens Moving Services will meet you at a convenient time for you. In order to offer you personalised services, we will conduct a full survey of the services that you need then we will send you a quote.