Tips For Hiring Builders In Maidstone

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Builders

If you have decided to take on a home improvement project or some repairs, you will likely turn to a professional, because they can do so much more, have the tools necessary to do it right, and will take less time than you. However, when finding builders in the Maidstone area, you may be confused by all the options available. Knowing a few helpful tips will ensure you get the best builder for the job.

Know What You Want

If you’re like most people, you don’t know all the fancy jargon or technical words for things, but you do have an idea of the problem. Write out a description of that work that you can present to the builder. It can be something as simple as “roof leaks in the bathroom, and it needs to be fixed.” However, it can also be more detailed, such as wanting a new conservatory built to strict specifications. You can click here to get more information.

Know Your Budget

Knowing how much you can safely spend on the project will ensure that you don’t go overboard and have difficulty paying for the work or paying other bills. A good rule of thumb is to plan a budget that still leaves you enough money to pay bills, and then add another 10 percent, in case of extra work that may be required.


When talking with builders in Maidstone, make sure you find at least three and ask for written quotes. These are not the same as estimates because an estimate is a roughly calculated number, which could change over the project life. A quote, on the other hand, is a precise price that cannot be increased without your permission and agreement.

Find Out About Costs and Length of Time

You may want to consider a fixed cost or daily rate, and make sure that you get this information in writing. The contract should specify how much total you are to pay, how long it will take to do the work and how many hours the builder will put in each day. A builder of ill repute may demand a daily rate so as to drag out the work, costing you more money.


Insurance coverage is a necessity, because if they get hurt or damage your home, you don’t want to be held responsible by your insurance company. Make sure they have public liability insurance and coverage to cover any property damages.

Builders in Maidstone should offer written quotes, be upfront with pricing and give you a definite end date.

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