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If you are looking for the perfect party venue in Luton, there are some things you need to keep in mind. While there are any number of places for you to hold Christmas festivities, New Year’s Eve celebrations, charity balls and banquets, or a small family gathering, you want to book the one special venue that speaks to you. Of course, you need to decide how large a venue you will need, how many guests you expect to attend and what you want your event to say.

Catering and Food Service

There are many options when it comes to food service. Are you looking for appetizers and drinks or do you want to serve a full meal? There are venues who will let you bring in the food you want to serve or will allow you to use their kitchen to prepare the food you want to serve. There are those that allow an outside caterer and those who offer their own menus from finger food on up to five-course meals. Think about the ease and convenience that would offer you. Visit here for more information.

Alcoholic Beverages

If you intend to serve alcohol to your guests, you need to find a party venue with a licensed bar. You will also need to decide if your guests will be paying for their drinks or will you include those costs in a package offered by the venue. If you choose to bring your own alcohol, if the venue permits that, you can only give it away to guests. Unless you procure a special license, you cannot charge for the alcohol, or an entry fee for that matter.

The Facility

If you are planning an event, will you need chairs and tables? Is there lodging at the venue or close by? The Auction House in Luton can meet the needs of any party host at an elegant facility. The staff there can provide all the assistance you wish for.