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The debate has been going on for years now over what is better for a home, curtains in Chudleigh or blinds. Of course, different people are going to have different ideas as to what looks best on the windows of their homes, but many people still go with the ever-popular curtain to keep the sun out and the privacy in. There are many advantages to curtains over blinds. Read on below for a few of those advantages to help you make up your mind which is best for you.

Curtains Add a Certain Elegance to a Room

Whereas blinds just add functionality to a room, curtains in Chudleigh add an elegance that can’t be beat. There are curtain poles that come in a wide variety of styles and when curtains are swept back from a window to reveal the view outside, it can add elegance that can’t be beaten to the view and the room itself. There is nothing cosier than looking at a snow driven landscape from a window that has the curtains tied back in an elegant manner.

Curtains Add Up to Insulation

Most of the time blinds are thin and don’t add much insulation to the room. Of course, curtains can be thin and not add much insulation to the room either. However, if you buy thick curtains, they put an extra padding over the window, which will keep the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter for you, which will effectively lower your electric bills as well.

These are just a few of the reasons that curtains in Chudleigh are often better than window blinds. To order your curtains today, contact the professionals at Rochelles Curtains & Blinds for help and to browse their wide selection. Browse site for more details.