Types of Fuels and Lubricants Sold By a Heating Oil Supplier in Gloucester

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Business

You might think that a heating oil supplier in Gloucester only sells heating oil but in fact, a provider will sell a wide range of fuels and lubricants, too. These distributors will sell in bulk to homes, businesses and farms. The quality of petroleum, oil and gas products will vary, depending on which supplier you choose to work with. To better understand what exactly is sold by a heating oil supplier, learn more about what commercial and domestic customers spend their money on.

Red Diesel

This is a type of dyed gas oil that is used for a wide variety of non-road applications, such as cranes, tractors, boats and excavators. The majority of customers purchasing red diesel in bulk from a heating oil supplier in Gloucester will be from the agricultural industry, but a lot of business owners will also purchase this type of fuel. It has a much lower tax levy than standard diesel. To prevent buyers from using red diesel in typical road vehicles, it is dyed. HM Revenue & Customs should be alerted if you know someone who is using this fuel illegally.

Standard Diesel

A lot of vehicles are run on standard diesel fuel, which can be purchased from a heating oil supplier in Gloucester for cheap if bought in big quantities. The sulfur content of standard diesel is lower than petrol and it also offers better fuel efficiency for the driver. When purchased in bulk it can be bunkered to your particular location. If you choose to buy it with members of an oil club, the number of road journeys required to transport it can be reduced, thus minimising the effects of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Heating Oil

A heating oil supplier in Gloucester will sell the most heating oil throughout the winter months, which is why it is a good idea to buy yours during summer, or when the demand isn’t as high. Prices tend to inflate when a fuel is high in demand, so bear this in mind. More than 1.5 million homes around the United Kingdom depend on this oil for central heating and prices are constantly fluctuating. Quotes can be gathered in seconds, so take the time to compare rates before deciding who to buy from.

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