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As a student in flight school, you have a number of options available when it comes to the type of pilot license you want to get. Here is a quick rundown of some of the most common types available with flying lessons in Plymouth and the surrounding area:

Recreational Pilot Certificate

This certification allows you to fly a craft with you and one other passenger, and only during the day time. Other restrictions include: no night flights, no more than 50 miles travelling distance, no flying at airports needing radio communications, and a few other restrictions that vary depending on the region you are in.

Private Pilot Certificate

Certificates like this one are very common since it often is the first one that earned by most beginner pilots. This certificate lets you be pilot in chief of an airplane carrying passengers, but again only during the day time; you do get greater distance allowances but there are still some limitations for this certificate type.

Instrument Rating

An Instrument Rating Certificate is special because it allows you to fly operating with Instrument Flight Rules. This rating will hone your skills and allow you to more with your flights and air time by teaching you how to control the plane and navigate with just reference to the flight instruments and not outside visual references. This certification allows you to fly in bad weather and low visibility situations.

Commercial Pilot Certificate

This training allows you turn your flights and air time into a business by making it so you can start charging for your services. You will also be able to work as a pilot for a company and receive payment for your flights. This certificate is obtainable after earning a Private Pilot Certificate. Though you cannot make a profit off of flights without this certification, you can split the costs equally with passengers to cover fuel and other costs.

Flight Instructor Certificate

This level of flight rating allows you to give flight lessons and to train other pilots as they work on their own certifications and licenses. Both the Commercial Pilot Certificate and the Instrument Rating must be held by a flight instructor.

Airline Transport Pilot Certificate

This level of certification is considered by most of the aviation world to be the “PhD” of all the pilot certificates someone can get. This certificate lets you operate as Captain of a commercial aircraft and fly anywhere anytime with any airline company. Visit here to get more information.

If you want to embrace your future in the skies as a pilot, get off on the right foot with flying lessons in Plymouth today! Contact Devon & Somerset Flight Training and set up your first flight lesson right away. You will be glad you did!