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Pumps help to move gases and liquids by using mechanical action from one location to another. There is direct, gravity, and displacement pumps. All pumps In South East England fall within the three categories, depending on their function. In addition, each pump has its own maintenance strategies that you should consider before buying. There are five main types of pumps:

1. Trash pumps

The trash water pump pumps out soft solid and hard wastes to a higher level of disposal. The four types of trash pumps include sanitary, syringe, positive displacement, and progressive cavity pumps.

2. Hydraulic pumps

The pumps are also known as hydrodynamic or hydrostatic pumps. They come in six different types including; gear pumps, screw pumps, rotary pumps, radial piston pumps, axial piston pumps, and bent axis pumps.

3. Vacuum pump

The pump vents out the gas from an airtight volume, leaving behind a limited vacuum. To do this, the pump uses any of the three methods which include; momentum transfer, entrapment or positive displacement. Vacuum pumps are used when operators want to create low or high vacuum.

4. Water pumps

Water pumps are used to pump water. They pump water in businesses, vehicles, in a well, or even in a home. A vehicle water pump ensures the vehicle’s cooling system maintains a low temperature by flowing through the system. On the other hand, the pressure tank water pump regulates the flow of water to different areas of a home or business by maintaining the pressure.

5. Sump pump

Sump pumps collect water that is collected in a basin known as a sump. The pump is used in low lying areas of a home or in basements where flooding takes place.

Alton Pumps supplies pedestal sump pumps and submersible sump pumps to meet your needs.