Understand the Benefits of Double Glazing in Guildford

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Glazing

The summer can be hot with the sun beating down on the earth all day long. The bright and hot rays are reflecting off other buildings, vehicles, roadways and other structures. As they come into your home, it can turn a previously comfortable area into a hot and miserable space. Your air conditioning is working overtime, attempting to beat the heat back while you constantly adjust the thermostat for a colder temperature. Over time, your energy costs will reflect this and you might need to think about finding energy efficient ways to save on cooling costs.

Insulated and Energy Efficient Windows

While the window is often overlooked as the main point of entry for uncomfortable heat, it is usually the biggest problem in homes and businesses. Many buildings make use of large panes of glass to allow in as much natural lighting as possible, but with such a big area to cool during the summer, you may be losing a lot of your climate control at the glass. Additionally, older or improperly installed windows can have gaps, cracks or small openings around them letting drafts in. This may seem minor, but it can quickly change the temperature around the window to be uncomfortably warm. Attempting to adjust your thermostat will only end up costing you more and more in energy costs. The best solution is to have that window or its sash replaced. You can visit here to get more information.

Double-Paned Glass for Heat Reduction

One of the most common glazing is double-pane. It’s great for mild areas that don’t normally shoot to one extreme or the other when it comes to outdoor temperatures. Double pane windows are exactly what they sound like; two panes of glass sandwiched together with a small amount of inert gas trapped in between. This gas is a poor conductor of heat, which means the heat from outside is slowed or repelled. At the same time, your cooling remains inside by the same method. This greatly improves energy costs and most glaziers in the area have plenty of experience installing windows of this type. Should you ever need replacements or maintenance, finding a company to handle the job won’t be a large issue. While the initial investment for replacing multiple windows may seem high, the extended energy savings can help pay for itself over time. In fact, within the first year you will notice a reduction in heating or cooling costs within your home or business.

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