Understanding the Different Types of Roof Flashings

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Roofing

Every property, no matter what it’s size or location, will be weatherproofed with roof flashings. Otherwise known as a cover flashing, a roof flashing is a versatile option for homes around the United Kingdom, because when installed properly under the roof shingles it will prevent moisture from entering the property. Before you can replace your roof flashings or even begin to inspect them for potential problems, you must first be aware of what type of flashing is currently fitted on your property. The following roof flashings will be installed to protect against water leaks and will typically be crafted with one of three materials – copper, vinyl or stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Roof Flashings

This precious metal is favoured for a lot of construction jobs, because it can be moulded into lots of different shapes and can be cut into thin layers. Despite the fact it is possible to bend the metal and fit it into smaller spaces, this does not take away from its strength. When exposed to different conditions, stainless steel will not lose its condition and therefore it is the perfect choice of material for roof flashings. Often, roofs will have small crevices in them, or cracks that make it difficult to fit the roof flashings. However, the flexibility of stainless steel metal means that it can be fitted with ease.

Copper Roof Flashings

Another popular type of metal that can be used to make roof flashings is copper. The only thing that makes it slightly difficult to install copper roof flashings is that they cannot be fitted with normal nails. Copper nails should be used instead. This is actually a good thing though, because copper will not react to other materials, such as wood that has been treated. An alternative to copper flashing would be tape, which is a fairly new option for roofs and has a flexible membrane. It can also be applied without assistance, making installation cheaper.

Vinyl Roof Flashings

You will probably need to get vinyl roof flashings fitted if the siding and roofing on your home has already been constructed with this material. It can be fixed to the porch or deck of a house, as well as around chimneys, vents, roof peaks and roof valleys. Vinyl is also a fairly affordable material and so, these flashings are a cost-effective option for people who might be on a bit of a budget.

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