Using disciplinary and grievance procedures for protection

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Lawyers

For any employer, being unhappy with the performance of a staff member is a headache. This problem becomes more serious after counselling has been given along with further training and encouragement. Sometimes, it reaches a point when it’s obvious that a hiring mistake was made and the employee needs to be dismissed. This is when every Portsmouth company and human resource manager is grateful for well draw-up and fair disciplinary and grievance procedures.

While these codes are invoked by the company when there is dissatisfaction with work performance, the procedures also protect the employees. If anyone feels they have been unfairly treated, they too can institute action using these procedures. If their grievance is legitimate, there can be financial compensation. Thus, this agreement is vital in clarifying the relationship between the two parties. What is obvious is that it should have been written following consultation with employment solicitors who will have the right experience to ensure that every possible eventuality has been foreseen.

Fair employment practices in Portsmouth

Legislation is in place for the whole of the United Kingdom, which offers a framework for the minimum requirements needed for a fair workplace. Laws govern such areas as health and safety, annual leave entitlement, sick leave and family responsibility. However, the work place is made up of individuals, and having the basic laws in place is a long way from covering all the interactions that can occur in every day working life. In almost all company structures, there are individuals who have authority over others. This immediately creates an imbalance of power, and this is exacerbated if personality clashes are added to the mix. Click here to know more.

Bullying is not left on the playground as we mature – it’s very prevalent in the workplace as well. It’s a problem when peers gang up on you, but it’s much more serious when the discrimination comes from a manager who is prejudiced against an employee because of their gender, race or age, for example. In many instances of this nature, if the human resource department is unable to resolve the matter, it is necessary for an employment solicitor to be engaged. These lawyers are bound to have far more experience in dealing with cases of discrimination and can act as mediators to settle the dispute in-house. When as issue can’t be settled, the solicitors can then represent either the employer or employee (depending on who has hired them) at an Employment Tribunal. Disagreements are commonplace in the business world and can have a detrimental impact on staff morale as well on the bottom line. Getting professional expertise to resolve these amicably is a vital step to take.

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