Vertical Stairlifts in Devon- What They Have to Offer

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Business

Sometimes there is not enough room to feasibly put in a traditional straight or curved stairlift in your home. In these cases, there is a safer option than trying to climb stairs each and every day. You can have a vertical stairlift installed! All of our vertical stairlifts in Devon and the surrounding areas come fully equipped:

Safety Features – Every lift we install has the standard safety features that are designed to keep you and your loved one safe and to give them a better way to get to where they need to go!

Half Height Door – All of our lifts are supplied with a half-height swing door that can be interlocked and matches the décor and colour of the lift itself for improved aesthetics when used in the home.

Remote Controls – Each lift comes with two remotes so you can send or call the lift easily and so you can use it as a personal dumbwaiter to move heavy or bulky items safely by avoiding the stairs.

Two-Year Warranty – All lifts carry our standard two-year parts and one-year labour warranty, and you also can get discounts on annual maintenance and service calls as well!

Fold Down Seat – Perfect for setting items on for the ride up to the floor, the handy seat folds down easily and can be folded up just as easily once you have reached your destination.

Internal LED Down Lights – Automatic internal lights will turn on once you walk into the lift and will remain on while the lift is in motion. They will also automatically shut off once you exit the lift.

Interior Grab Rail – For added support and stability, the addition of the grab rail makes entering and existing the lift easier and offer additional support during the ride.

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