Visiting Dentists in Cheshire for Crowns and Veneers

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Health

Are you looking for a way to improve your smile, boost self-esteem and replace missing or damaged teeth? If so, consider visiting dentists in Cheshire as a way of exploring your options. Crowns and veneers are two of the most common services offered by qualified dentists, because the process is straightforward and the enhancements are proven to last for many years. Fitted to protect weak teeth, they are usually made with metal or porcelain and if you look after them properly, those regular visits to the dentist will become a thing of the past!

What are Crowns and Veneers?
Thin ceramic layers of fabricated porcelain or dental resin composite are used to make laminate veneers, which are designed to replace tooth enamel that has eroded. Much like a contact lens fits over the surface of an eyeball, veneers will shield the tooth beneath, after the natural tooth structure has been minimized slightly. People with all kinds of imperfections would benefit from visiting dentists in Cheshire for these services, because they offer a solution to bite-related problems and fractured teeth. Crowns on the other hand will replace the cap of the tooth. These services are relied on for dramatic improvements that are noticeable all the way down to the gum level.

What are the Benefits?
Aside from the way in which crowns and veneers can alter your appearance, they can be fitted to restore and protect the teeth beneath. Individuals who have a gap in their teeth that they are not fond of can contact dentists in Cheshire to fill the gap with crowns or veneers, which will be specially moulded to match the patient’s smile. Additional benefits include an improvement in the texture and colour of teeth, as well as better tooth alignment and shape.

Booking a Consultation
If you’re not quite sure which type of dentistry best suits your needs, it’s a good idea to book a consultation with a recommended dentist in your area. The professional will inspect your mouth and make you aware of your options, while outlining the payment options. Should you struggle to pay upfront, most dental practices will allow for deposits and monthly plans. The price you pay for artificial restoration of this kind will depend on how many teeth require attention, and whether you opt for crowns or veneers.

Prices for CEREC restorations cost between £400 and £500 through Westgate Dental Practice. Click here for more information about available services from these dentists in Cheshire,

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