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Blinds last for a very long time but they eventually break down and need to be replaced. To know when to replace your vertical blinds in Seattle, look out for the following signs;

Mechanism – In normal circumstances, you need to employ a little energy for you to open or close the blinds. If you notice that you are using a lot of effort, it means that you need to replace the vertical blind. In some case, you may also notice that your vertical blinds do not shut completely; you also need to replace them for increased functionality.

Pet damages – Dogs and cats play and force their heads between the vertical blinds slats. Even though they may not damage the slats, they scratch the slats making them vulnerable to dust and stain which get trapped inside the slats. After some time, the slats look dingy and you need to replace them.

Damaged or discoloured slats – Some vertical blinds are UV protected and so they last for a long time in good shape. After a period of time, you may notice the slats bending or completely discoloured. This is a warning sign that they need to be replaced. Before you replace the blind, you can talk to the technician and see whether the problem can be fixed. If not, you have to replace the blinds.

After remodelling – Blinds serve as part of your home décor so when you remodel your home, chances are you need to change the blinds also so that they can match your home interior design. You can take advantage of the remodelling to update your vertical blinds in Seattle to modern child safety blinds.

Are your vertical blinds still serving the purpose for which you installed them to serve? If not, you need to replace them with modern blinds. Talk to Freedom Shades and Blinds for advice and to order vertical blinds. Freedom Shades and Blinds is the home of modern, classy and elegant vertical blinds.