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When windows are manufactured using two panes of glass and the glass is separated by a layer of inert gas or air and sealed, the assembly is called a double glazed window. Double glazing in Glasgow is used as a more effective barrier against the cold outside air, it is more effective than a single glazed window as the air or gas sealed in the space between the panes acts as an insulator. Double glazing was originally targeted at homes that were located in extreme climates but today doubling glazing is used extensively everywhere for both new homes under construction and as replacement windows.

Many types of glass can be used in the manufacture of the window assembly, plain or decorative glass can be used. Perhaps the most common glass used in double glazing in Glasgow is a high performance glass referred to as “Low E.” Low E stands for low emissivity, this glass contains a metallic layer in the glass pane which is virtually invisible and when used with a special coating, different glass can be used for different climates. In areas where the summers are cool and the winters can be bitterly cold, high solar-gain glass is preferred because it has the effect of reducing heat loss while increases heat retention or “solar gain.” Moderate solar-gain glass is ideal in climates which enjoy reasonably mild winters and summers and of course low solar-gain glass is used in areas which are subjected to hot summers and mild winters. Usually low solar-gain glass offers the highest UV light protection.

Although sir is a perfectly good insulator most double glazed windows use an inert gas, most frequently the gas used is argon which actually is a better insulator than air when sealed between the two sheets of glass. Gases like argon are ideal for use with double glazing in Glasgow as it allows less heat to escape through the window and less cold to enter. This is possible because argon is quite a dense gas which is a superior buffer than air. Factory sealed double glazed windows are also sealed airtight which enhances the insulation properties and just as important, eliminates any possibility of condensation forming between the glass panes.
Double glazing in Glasgow has numerous benefits, they add to the value of the house and they are a great way to conserve energy and drive down the cost of heating the home. They are relatively maintenance free, insulate against noise and add an additional level of security.

If you are looking for help to ensure that you get the best value from your double glazing in Glasgow you are invited to visit the Window Advice Centre.