What are glaziers and what do they do?

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Glazing

Glaziers are skilled craftsmen who are specialists in cutting and fitting glass, Glaziers in Guildford are called to work in homes, commercial establishments and industrial buildings. Master glaziers are highly skilled individuals and can command good prices for their professional services; this is especially true when they are called upon to provide decorative glass designs or to work at height.

The skills required to be a master glazier come through a lengthy apprenticeship program. The apprentice will spend considerable time working side by side with experienced glass workers. A typical apprenticeship begins with the performance of tasks around the workshop, this allows them to witness what master glaziers in Guildford are doing and how they do it. Once they begin gaining knowledge they will travel to various job sites and assist the experienced glazier with the task at hand. There is far more to a glazier apprenticeship than simply knowing how to cut and fit window glass, the training program takes into account the various types of glass that he will eventually be working with as well as structural considerations and other issues that factor into the trade.

Residential glazing is often straightforward, the glazier will be called upon to repair a broken window, install shower enclosures, fit glass in cabinet doors, etc. In older homes glaziers may be required to cut unusual shaped glass or designing, producing and fitting leaded glass windows or stained glass. With the advent of double and triple glazed window units, glaziers today are called upon to remove the original single pane windows and replace them with modular units consisting of superior glazing and PVC or aluminium frames which are long lasting and require very little maintenance.

Glaziers in Guildford are often involved in the construction of large commercial and industrial buildings. In many cases the glazier is responsible for the development and manufacture of the frames as well as the installation. In many cases this means working with extremely large pieces of glass which require unique skills to position and fix into the building. You can visit here to get more details.

Glaziers are also familiar with fitting glass in areas which require increased security. Glaziers have access to glass which is shatter proof, bullet proof and provides excellent fire resistance.

When it comes to hiring glaziers ensure that they are experienced in the full spectrum of glazing tasks. The company must be fully insured in the event there is a mishap.

The best glaziers in Guildford are experienced in all aspects of glazing work. If you have the need for professional glaziers you are invited to call Allways Glazing Works.

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