What does a roofer do?

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Construction & Contractors

Roofing is a dangerous job and is certainly not something that a person with a fear of heights would wish to do. Not only is it dangerous, there are a lot of skills that most home-owners do not possess.

Roofers in Maidenhead are called upon to repair roofs which have been damaged, completely replace the roof on older homes as well as install the roof on a new home under construction. Roofing a new home is somewhat easier as there is no need to remove an existing roof as is the case with repairs or complete re-roofing. A roofer is skilled at installing all different types of roofing materials including concrete and clay tile, slate and metal. As the roofer goes about the task, it is important to conduct on-going quality control as repairing a leak in a new roof is something that the roofer does not want to be faced with.

Most roofing work is done by roofers who are employed by a roofing company but there are cases when the same crew that builds the house will put on the roof as well. This is more often the case when a contractor is building a number of homes in a typical housing estate. When the roofers in Maidenhead are called in to work on a commercial building the roof is often flat and a rubber roof is installed. A commercial rubber roof consists of an underlay which is covered with a rubber or synthetic rubber membrane which is then sealed against leaks. In many cases the membrane is then covered with tar and a layer of pebbles. The pebbles provide a protective surface so that maintenance on the roof and roof mounted equipment can be carried out without damaging the membrane.

Roofers that are employed to install or replace a roof on a private residence are called upon to use different skills again. Residential roofs are normally pitched whereas a commercial roof is flat. The roofing materials usually used on a pitched roof are tiles that are made from clay or concrete.

At times the roofers in Maidenhead are required to remove sections of a roof which have rotted. In most cases the underlay is plywood sheeting which was originally covered with felt paper and then the roof tiles. If the wood was exposed to wet conditions for a period of time it will rot, this of course must be repaired and replaced before the new roof is put on or the repair made.

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