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Cosmetic dentists in Cheshire are dentists who specialize in a number of dental procedures that are all designed to enhance the patients smile. As a general rule a cosmetic dentist is one who has passed all of the entry requirements imposed by the NHS and received additional training in the various procedures which enhance a person’s appearance and makes for a beautiful smile.

Like any other dentists, cosmetic dentists in Cheshire are concerned with the overall dental health of their patients but their focus is dental aesthetics. The cosmetic dentist undertakes procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers; eliminating mercury by using colour matched fillings; repairs chipped teeth and does dental implants amongst others. Most of the procedures that a cosmetic dentist does are not a medical necessity, they are done to make patients feel more comfortable with their smiles and to enhance their self confidence.

Rather than simply do routine general dentistry, maintaining and repairing teeth as necessary, cosmetic dentists take great pride in actually designing a smile for their patients. The cosmetic dentist works with the patient to provide the look and feel they desire. Of course it is necessary for the patient to undergo normal dental procedures, teeth that are not healthy can never look flawless. The focus however of the cosmetic dentist is more oriented to the patient than it is to the patient’s dental health. In some dental practices both general dentistry services and cosmetic dentistry are offered while in other practices the focus is exclusively on cosmetic options and all other work is carried out in a different practice. In cases like this they often work with the general dentist for such things as colour matching of fillings.

The cost of cosmetic dentists in Cheshire can vary considerably. The cost depends a lot on the area of the country where the practice is located, the experience of the dentist as well as the procedures which are undertaken. The length of time required for the various treatments can vary wildly, a tooth coloured restoration can be done in a single visit while dental implants will take several months and multiple visits.

For those who are involved in a profession where personal image is important, having a smile makeover can be the difference between success and failure. Cosmetic dentistry can have a very positive effect on a person’s life, the psychological changes can be amazing; an enhanced smile makes for a happier person.

If you are looking for cosmetic dentists in Cheshire for any cosmetic dental procedure from teeth whitening to teeth implants you are welcome to make an appointment with Westgate Dental Practice.