What is MOT Testing?

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Automotive

MOT, or Ministry of Transport testing, is an annual test that is required for vehicles three years and older, to test for roadworthiness and vehicle safety. The test is conducted by professional mechanics, such as MOT Testing in Paignton clinics. Once the test has been passed, you will get a certificate that proves your vehicle is safe. If your vehicle doesn’t pass the test, you’ll have to repair the components that need fixing, and have the test done again. The main components of your car that are tested are as follows:

* Brakes: The brakes (including the emergency brake) need to be in good working order. The brake pads and rotors need to be in fair condition.

* Steering and suspension: This is checked to make sure there is no excessive ‘pulling’ to one side, and to make sure the steering is secure.

* Exhaust, fuel and emissions: The emissions need to pass certain government standards. Anything in excess of these standards will not pass the test.

* Seat belts: All seat belts need to be in good working order, and there needs to be one seat belt for each passenger seat, along with the driver.

* Tyres and wheels: Tyres need to be in good condition with proper rims and inflated to the recommended pressure.

* Lighting and signalling equipment: All signals need to be in good working order, as do headlights, interior lights, fog lights, etc.

These tests need to be done on an annual basis, and you will need to carry the certificate in your car as proof that your car has passed the test. If your car does not pass, the servicing clinic will advise you on what needs to be fixed. You won’t be able to drive your vehicle until the issues are fixed. MOT testing in Paignton, and other areas, are put in place to ensure that vehicles on the road are safe for drivers, passengers and other travellers on the road.

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