What to expect from a conveyancing solicitor

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Lawyers

When you’re looking for conveyancing services in Caversham, there are several options that can be investigated. Firstly, all solicitors are qualified to provide conveyancing services, but there are also specialist firm who concentrate on this part of the law and so would be able to provide expert advice. Things can certainly go wrong while the process of transferring title needs to a new owner is underway. If you’re the seller, you need complete assurance that the conveyancer has all the information needed to be sure that sale of the property goes through without too long a delay.However, if you’re the buyer, you need your solicitor to make certain that every eventuality has been taken care of. For example, if a conveyancer is negligent, a buyer may find after the sale has been concluded that there is a problem with a boundary wall or, even more serious, that a road widening scheme will reduce the size of the garden. With this in mind, it’s obvious that choosing a professional who specialises in conveyancing in Caversham should be selected.

What should you expect of your conveyancing firm?

Ideally, as a seller, it would be wise to ask to have a fully qualified conveyancing solicitor to be assigned to you from start to finish of the process. You would then have a representative who would be dealing directly with your buyers. The lawyer would handle the title deeds, prepare the sales contract, exchange contracts, and deal with the transfer deeds. If you hold a mortgage, the lawyer would also liaise with the financial provider.

If you are the buyer, you would expect your conveyancing attorney to obtain all the relevant information about your new home, to check the details of the contract and title deeds, to carry out any necessary local authority enquiries, to manage the deposit, to exchange contracts and agree the completion date. If a mortgage is required, the conveyancer would check that all mortgage conditions are met and will prepare the transfer and mortgage deeds. Stamp duty tax is also payable before a transfer can take place, and this should also be dealt with.

If you are neither a buyer nor seller but are considering remortgaging your Caversham home, you will also need conveyancing services. The benefits of a remortgage include receiving equity that can be invested in home improvements that should increase the value of the property. Professional advice can assist you in deciding whether this would benefit you. Visit here to get more details.

Get the best price

Conveyancing is becoming increasingly competitive. It is often possible to secure a fixed-price for the work undertaken. There are also conveyancing firms who offer a no-service fee if the deal collapses, and this would be an important clause to negotiate.

There are many complex issues involved in conveyancing that only an expert can navigate. Harrison’s Solicitors have been providing conveyancing in Caversham for years, and they are a highly respected firm in the area.

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