When Does an Individual Require an Accountant in Epsom?

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Accountant

Usually, an individual can work with a tax professional to handle tax-related issues and file returns. However, you might want an accountant in Epsom if you:

  • Don’t Understand the Tax Laws – Working with a chartered accountant in Epsom instead of doing it yourself can be beneficial. The tax laws change all the time, and professionals keep track of all those things to help you with your situation.
  • You’re Not Good at Math – Taxes are really about math, so you need to know what’s in your bank accounts, what interest is tax-deferred, and much more. Hiring a qualified accountant is crucial because they do this for a living and are more accurate than most people.
  • You’ve Got a Large Estate – When you have more than £325,000 in your estate, and many people do, it is subjected to an inheritance tax of 40 per cent. Therefore, your family members might lose money, and an accountant in Epsom can help you minimise the impact of that. It’s crucial to have a plan in place, and a professional will ensure it’s done correctly.
  • Multiple Income Streams – Many people get income each year from different sources, and they must all be claimed on taxes. For example, you might work a traditional job and own rental property or start a side hustle. Though it’s great for your bank account, it’s confusing at tax time, and an accountant can assist.

Hire an Accountant in Epsom Today

Though it’s easy to think you can handle your taxes alone or set up long-term estate plans, it’s wise to work with an accountant in Epsom because they have the tools and skills necessary for the job. David Beckman & Co Ltd is there to help you.

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