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It is difficult to run a business successfully by yourself, even if it is a small enterprise. Hiring employees is a necessity that can’t be denied or overlooked. But it’s also important to protect yourself, your business and your employees. This means understanding the law so your business doesn’t end up at the other end of a lawsuit. Employment lawyers in Portsmouth can help ensure that you are treating your employees according to the law dictates. This includes:

* Proper deductions: As an employer, you will be responsible for setting an hourly wage or salary; deductions will need to be made, including taxes, vacation pay, etc. This could be a percentage, or it could be a flat rate. A professional can help you set these amounts.

* Proper allocation of breaks/lunch: For every certain number of hours worked, your employees are entitled to breaks and lunch. If you don’t follow the law, your employees could file a grievance against you.

* Entitled vacation time: This may depend on how long the employee has been with you, and how many hours they’ve worked in a one-year period.

* Contracts: Employee contracts can be complex and you don’t want to leave room for ambiguity. Your lawyer can draft up a contract with the details and terms very clear so that there are no misunderstandings later on.

* Disciplinary measures: You need to know that the disciplinary measures you put in place are clearly set out in the hiring contract, and are within your legal limits. Otherwise, you could be sued for wrongful dismissal.

Employment lawyers in Portsmouth are your best defence against conducting business outside of the law. Many business owners get themselves into trouble, not because they are bad employers, but because they don’t fully understand the law surrounding hiring employees and treating them fairly and equitably. You can visit here to get more information.