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A skip is a container that is used for the accumulation of waste; rubble and other debris prior to dumping, skips are commonly available in various capacities from two cubic yards and up. Skip hire in South Wales is common when the waste from construction projects, garden projects and home renovation projects are under way. What is important to the individual hiring the skip is that the accumulated waste material is taken away and disposed of; there are no worries about how to get rid of it. The normal approach to skip hire is to choose the company, establish the skip size, select the delivery and collection dates, decide where the skip will be sited; that about all the homeowner needs to co, the skip hire company does the rest.

There are a number of things that cannot be put in the skip as they are not acceptable in the tip. Major home appliances such as refrigerators and cookers, vehicle tyres and batteries, paint and chemicals as well as medical waste and fluorescent tubes must be disposed of in different facilities; they cannot be handled at the land fill.

Garage and basement clean-up:

Over time the garage or the basement fills up with many unwanted objects, the common thinking on the part of the homeowner is “I will get rid of it next weekend.” Of course, this rarely happens, the result is the garage and basement become so cluttered there is not even room to move around let along garage the car. This is a perfect situation where skip hire in South Wales makes a great deal of sense. Many companies that hire skips can offer a “wait and load” service, gather everything together during the week and on Saturday have a skip turn up, fill it and away it goes, no need for permits.

When you do decide to hire a skip the decision provides you with a perfect opportunity to sort through the accumulation of goods for the last time. There may be things that can be donated to your favourite charity or they may be great candidates for a garage sale.

Construction and renovation projects:

Construction projects generate a tremendous amount of waste and debris. One of the first things to happen is to arrange for a skip to be placed on-site. Construction debris can be hazardous; sharp objects of all sorts, rusty nails and broken glass are common on a construction site, by ensuring the site is kept clean and orderly you can create a work area free from potential hazards. You can click here to get more details.

There are many other reasons why skip hire in South Wales makes sense, think of how much you can get rid of when you move, what about spring cleaning and garden clean-ups? If you are about to take on something where there is bound to be a lot of waste, then you should consider hiring a skip.

If you are about to take on a major project then you should consider skip hire in South Wales before the project gets underway. You are invited to contact Caerphilly Skips for more information and rates.