Why Pets Should Visit Vets In Durham

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Veterinarian

Most people get upset when they have to take their pet to the vet, even when they’re healthy. It can be annoying to fork over the money for blood work and check-ups, especially when your pet doesn’t seem to need anything, but it is a significant step for complete health for years to come. Vets in Durham recommend that you bring in your pet at least once a year for a check-up, and sometimes may recommend twice a year, especially for older pets or those with known problems.

Age-Old Question

The age-old question is why your pet needs to see their vet when they don’t seem sick. However, if you think about it, humans go to the doctor for check-ups to make sure they are as healthy as they seem. They also go for routine checks to make sure that nothing could be going wrong. Your body is complex, just like your pet. The veterinarian will check to ensure that they aren’t experiencing hidden problems and to screen in case there could be problems in the future. You can click here to get more information.

Screenings To Consider

There are certain things your vet should look for every check-up, including the liver, kidneys, teeth/mouth, heart/lungs, joints/bones, eyes, glands, gastrointestinal and digestive system, and the skin. Periodontal Disease and Gingivitis can occur in pets as well as humans, so it’s a necessary check. In most cases, pets can get many of the same problems as humans, such as inflammatory liver disease, kidney diseases, heart disease, irregular heartbeats, bronchitis, diabetes, arthritis and thyroid disease. They can also get allergies, ticks, fleas, skin infections, ear infections, ulcers, cataracts, glaucoma and dry eye.

Why Age Matters

Dogs and cats age differently than humans and for every dog or cat year, it’s like seven for humans. Therefore, older pets need to be checked out more frequently and may require more lengthy tests, such as bloodwork and x-rays. However, younger pets should also be checked thoroughly each year, to ensure that they have no disorders or illnesses. During the first few weeks, they’ll also need to be vaccinated against common diseases. They will also want to do blood work to establish a baseline value. This will show how healthy they are now. It will also show how much or how quickly their health is deteriorating, which can help improve the length and quality of your pet’s life.

Vets in Durham want to keep your pet healthy for years to come. Visit Ashfield Veterinary Surgery today to schedule an appointment or to learn more information.

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