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When you buy or sell some property, whether it is a family home, a commercial building or even a piece of land, you need to make sure that you transfer full ownership over to the other party. When you sell a property, a lot of paperwork is involved, especially when you have other factors working in the sale. For example, if a certain property has been placed as a security for a mortgage, buying the home could become complex if the previous owner did not repay the loan in full. A conveyance expert can help you to avoid all this, by handling the transfer process for you and giving you legal backup if things ever do go wrong.

Buying an Unregistered Property

Property can be registered, or unregistered. If the property is registered, it means that it is fully catalogued in the Land registry. If the property isn’t registered however, then it means that there are no records of it in the Land registry. Disputes are not uncommon when it comes to unregistered property, and the whole process can become very complex, very quickly. For this reason, you should always make sure that you have a quality conveyance expert by your side from the second you make contact with the other party. They will fully ensure that you get the rights to your new property, as well as helping you to register it for future purposes. They can offer you legal advice if things to start to go wrong and they can save you a lot of time and money when it comes to your expenses.

Buying a Home

You should always invest in quality conveyancers in Reading, even if you’re just selling your family home. They will transfer the names to the new property over for you, and this can prevent a lot of issues. For example, if your name does not fully transfer from the old property and the new owner builds up several debts, your name may be pulled into the dispute. This is something you want to avoid at all costs, as it can really harm your reputation with mortgage companies and real estate experts. A conveyance expert will prevent all this, by ensuring that every last bit of information is transferred according to legal guidelines as well as speeding up the transfer.

Harrison’s Solicitors have access to some of the finest conveyancers in Reading. They will work diligently to ensure that your transfer meets all the legal guidelines, as well as giving you the help and support you need to feel comfortable with your new purchase.