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Even the oldest vehicle can look good when an attractive alloy wheel set is fitted. Although more expensive than steel-plated wheels, alloy wheels will boost the value of the vehicle and add aesthetic appeal. Usually made with a combination of strong metals, they are strengthened and reinforced to stand the test of time. Normally, they will be available for wheels sized between 13 and 18 inches, and can be finished with polish, chrome or paint. The fact that they are lightweight means that you can get more mileage and better break clearance. Before you buy, use the following buying tips to your advantage.

The Size

Sizes for alloy wheels differ, but some manufacturers will sell them up to 24 inches. The average width is 5-10 inches, but the type you require depends on the size of your vehicle’s wheels. To find out what alloy wheel best suits your automobile you must determine what the wheel size designations are. A combination of letters and numbers, this information refers to the wheel’s diameter and the rim edge height. It’s important that the alloy is the same size as the original, so that fuel consumption, acceleration and gearing is not affected.

The Style

Perhaps the most difficult decision you will face when shopping for an alloy wheel is finding a suitable style. It is up to you to decide what kind of look you want the car to have, whether it’s sporty, aggressive, finely tuned or business-like. Three-spoke alloy wheels are a popular choice for Mercedes and BMW vehicles, whereas twin-spoke or multi-spoke wheels look best on sports cars. Do a little research on the web and look at photos of various styles to decide which would best suit your ride.

The Vehicle Fitment

If you’re not a technical-minded individual you might need to ask the retailer of alloy wheels for help with the vehicle fitment. Unless you know your vehicle’s technical dimensions, the car may not perform as well with alloys fitted. The rim width, the offset of the wheel and the back space are just a few things you ought to measure ahead of shopping for a wheel. Make sure you tell the retailer about the number of studs, so that the correct size can be recommended.

No matter what the make or model of your car, Wheel Heaven will stock an alloy wheel to suit it.