All About Wheel Alignment

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Wheels & Tyres

You should have a wheel alignment when you get new tyres in Peterfield. A car whose wheels are out of alignment consumes more fuel as the tyres experience greater resistance when moving. The tyres point in the wrong direction, which makes suspension and steering difficult. An out-of-place alignment makes the tyres less durable and puts the passengers of the car at risk.

How cars lose wheel alignment:

* Hitting the curb

* Pot holes

* Wear and tear

* Hitting concrete parking stalls

How to detect misaligned tyres

* Crab walking: If you notice the body of the vehicle seems to be moving sideways but the wheels are pointing straight.

* Poor recovery in turns: In a normal situation, the steering wheel should return to the centre without feeling difficult or hard to control. If you notice some resistance, some of the suspension and steering components might be loose. If not, then the car might need alignment.

* Veering vehicle: This happens when a vehicle tends to bend on one side when driving. As a result, you have to apply more pressure either with your right or left hand to keep the car straight. See a professional to determine if you need a wheel alignment.

* Uneven wearing out of tyres: This is not easy to detect visually; use a tread gage or take your car for inspection. If the tyres are worn out on either the inside or the outside, it’s a sign of poor alignment. At times, poor inflation can also cause tyres to wear unevenly.

It is expensive to ignore a wheel alignment problem, as it eventually affects your tyres. An alignment cannot cost as much as you will need to replace your tyres, so book an appointment with Portsmouth Exhaust and Tyre Services for professional wheel alignment and inspection. The best time to check a tyre alignment apart from when you notice the warning signs is during oil changes or at least once per year.

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