It was not all that long ago when the only homes that could be protected against unwanted visitors were the homes of the very rich. This is no longer the cases, new deigns and state of the art technology have been used effectively to drive down the price of a burglar alarm in Gatwick to the point where anyone can afford one.

Burglar alarms work with either an open circuit or closed circuit. An open circuit system sets off the alarm when the circuit is closed, so in the event a door or window is opened, the circuit is completed. A closed circuit system works in the opposite way, when a window or door is breached the circuit breaks; setting off the alarm.

Motion sensors are often used as one of the components of a complete system, they can be installed both inside and outside of the house. These devices will activate an alarm if there is any motion within a certain radius of the sensor. Motion sensors can be adjusted so that they are not affected by such things as pets walking by or any activity in the house that is considered normal. The motion sensor can be set up to send a signal to the controller where it is analysed, if it is considered suspicious it will sound the alarm and alert the authorities.

Most people who do install a burglar alarm will use multiple devices. They will often use magnetic sensors on the doors and windows as well as motion sensors. If a burglar should gain entrance to your home through an open window for example the magnetic switch will not respond but as the burglar moves about in the room, the motion sensor will.

Another commonly used component is a security camera. These cameras can be installed in strategic areas in and around your home. The cameras are used in conjunction with a recorder so that a lasting image of your surroundings is available. These cameras are often activated by infra red sensors so that they are not running at all times, just when they are activated by a possible intruder.

The ultimate in home security is a monitored system. Using all of the components noted the burglar alarm not only activates in the home, a signal is sent to a remote monitoring station. When the alarm is set off the personnel at the monitoring station alert the police, in this way even if you are not home to hear the alarm your home is safe.

For the best possible protection for your family and your home you should have a professionally designed and installed burglar alarm in Gatwick. Visit Sapphire Security for a free quotation.