What is a monitored burglar alarm?

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Business

There are two systems when it comes to burglar alarms; the first is a system which only sounds an alarm at the house or business in question and the other is a system where the alarm sounds at an off site monitoring station. A monitored system allows the monitoring company to know if the alarm is legitimate or not and if it is the monitoring company can immediately get in touch with the police who in turn can dispatch an officer to the property which has been broken into. This system eliminates the need for the property owner to have to call for assistance as it is done as a matter of course.

When motion is detected in the home or business premises or if a window or door is breached a typical burglar alarm emits a shrill, high-decibel alarm. This type of a burglar alarm in Tunbridge Wells may drive the intruder from the premises but it also may not. If the alarm is not monitored the home-owner must call for assistance or hope that a neighbour does in the event the house is empty at the time. This is not the case with a burglar alarm that is monitored from a remote location. In the event of a breach the alarm keypad control contacts the monitoring station which is manned around the clock. The personnel at the monitoring station call the property owner and confirm whether it is indeed a burglary in process or a false alarm. If the property owner does not answer the call to confirm one way or the other, the monitoring service will advise the authorities.

Home-owners who have a burglar alarm in Tunbridge Wells that is not monitored often believe that their immediate neighbours will help them; this theory is all well and good but people often believe what they are hearing is a false alarm and they ignore the alarm. If a neighbour or any person in the area should take the alarm at face value and call the police and it turns out to be a false alarm the police may actually charge the home-owner for the dispatch of an officer for no reason. Although there is still the possibility of a false alarm with a monitored system, the number is reduced significantly.

The actual components of a monitored alarm system are the same as a system which is not monitored however there is an ongoing cost to keep the monitoring active but many people are willing to pay for the additional peace of mind a monitored system gives them.

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