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When installing a new or old CCTV camera, you should be keen on the features of the camera as they determine its functionality. Which features mean most to you? Is it clear images, remote monitoring, a weather resistant camera, or a camera with night vision? You can rest assured that you will get what you want since there are cameras with these features.

Weather Proof

If you plan on installing your camera outdoors, you need a camera that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Sunlight, storms and rain could have devastating effects on the camera if it is not strong enough to withstand such. CCTV cameras are valuable and can be a threat to thieves, so they might try to steal it. For peace of mind, you could install an anti-vandal camera if you are afraid of the safety of your camera.

Remote Monitoring

It helps to increase efficiency, maximize security and reduce costs. Remote monitoring as the name suggests allows you to monitor your premises from a distance. You can monitor valuable items, closings and openings, train employees, and respond to various issues from a remote place.

Infrared Capability

Cameras with infrared capability can record clear images even in dark conditions. The infrared transmitters create light for the camera sometimes even 100 feet from the camera. Most cameras with ‘nightvision’ capability also have weather resistant options. CCTV in Cardiff is a sure and secure way of guaranteeing securing and safety for everyone. For a complete package, hire a professional CCTV installation expert to help you in installation. If you need help in choosing the best camera or in understanding the various features, talk to an expert and they will be happy to help. Dragon Fire & Security Systems Ltd provide installation, remote monitoring and maintenance services.