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A very positive trend throughout the UK, Europe, and the world is the move to add outdoor living space to any home. A beautifully designed patio area or a landscaped garden with a Kent home creates additional space for entertaining, outdoor cooking and eating, and just enjoying being in your own little bit of nature.

To easily move from the interior of the home to the exterior, different options in sliding patio doors are a stylish and practical option. These doors create the look of a solid window wall, with one door sliding behind the other to create an easy entry or exit from the home.

A benefit to sliding patio doors is the space-saving feature of the design. There is no swing to the doors, so they are very practical even for small patios, decks or outdoor areas. They are also ideal for doors for balcony areas, create both a large area for light and visibility indoors as well as superior breeze flow through when open.

Security Concerns

There are many different options Kent homeowners can consider to add security to these doors. Today’s designs come with multi-point and shoot bolt locking, which means they are as secure as other entrances to the home. Anti-drill cylinders and anti-panel lift protection further bolster the security features offered on top of the line patio doors.

Always make sure any sliding patio doors under consideration meet all required building regulations and standards for both new building applications as well as for existing building upgrades and renovations.

The Window Sanctuary provides a range of different styles, options, colours and features in the sliding doors they offer. Working with a specialised company allows the homeowner to compare options and choose the best doors for their patio and home. To learn more about the sliding patio doors offered at The Window Sanctuary, visit us in Kent. Our location, business hours and window product information can be found at