Are Your Wall Ties Failing or Corroding on Your Home

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Even though wall ties may appear like a small aspect of a build, they contribute significantly to the stability of a structure. However, there are instances where wall ties do become prone to corrosion and they will need to be replaced. Wall ties are installed between the inner and outer leaf of a brick wall in a uniform spacing pattern. This will help by withstanding external forces like wind suction, specifically between in large un- reinforced and opening areas like gables. Without effective wall ties at the accurate spacing the brickwork will not be able to endure exertion from these forces. If your wall ties in Eastbourne are failing, you should contact a professional contractor immediately.

The Importance of Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

Cavity walls are used to provide protection from the elements and lessen the quantity of heat loss through the outer perimeter walls. A structure comprises of 2 walls which are divided by a cavity. These walls will be tied at a strategic interval by using different forms of wall tie, generally made of metal and frequently coated in zinc or bitumen. It became obvious that the wall ties worsened more rapidly than expected leading to cavity wall tie replacement being essential. There are several issues linked with deteriorating cavity wall ties, from bulging of the walls, mortar joints, horizontal and stepped cracking of the brickwork as well as a possible inadequate number of originalities installed. Having a cavity wall tie replacement done by a professional contractor will prevent the need for upcoming major rebuilding work.

Professional Surveyors Provide Excellent Solutions to Solve Your Wall Tie Problem

If your cavity wall tie is crumbling or failing then you need to contact a highly experienced and fully trained surveyor as soon as possible. Professional surveyors have a choice of solutions to solve your problem so you will not have to worry about the structure of your home. They will recommend the most appropriate structural repair for your property type and the construction. To allow you to have peace of mind the surveyors will also provide you with a written report with the specification of the work that will be done.

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