Arranging vaccinations for your pets in County Durham

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Veterinary & Animal Surgeons

When you bring a new pet into your home, you become responsible for the health and well-being of that animal for the rest of its life. Parents who are expecting a baby usually spend months reading books and going to classes so that they are well informed and are prepared to cope with the complexities of caring for and raising a child. However, very few people go to any real effort when they buy a pet, thinking that animals are hardier than humans and don’t need the same level of care. Actually, understanding your pet’s needs, its dietary requirements, the conditions in which it likes to live, how much exercise it needs, and the preventative measures needed to keep it healthy, should be vital requirements for a pet-owner. Particularly if you transport an animal to a country or climate that is very different from the one where it originated, you will need to study the animal’s requirements and ensure that you provide the best care possible. Part of that care will be partnering with a good vet.

Vets in County Durham

If you live in the County Durham area, you would look to find a nearby vet. The reason for this is that it’s a good idea to have the same vet care for your animals during their lifetime. This is similar to why people like to keep visiting the same doctor. Over time, your vet will know the history of your animal and will be familiar with what illnesses or problems it has had. From an early age, pups and kittens in County Durham will require vaccinations. Your local vet will be able to explain to you what diseases need to be inoculated against, and when the vaccinations should take place. Click here to know more.

There is some discussion as to how often vaccinations should be repeated. For some pet owners in County Durham, they take their pets for annual vaccinations to be sure that they are protected. However, some experts feel that not all vaccines need to be given every year, and even suggest that booster shots given too regularly can have a negative impact on an animal’s health. Once again, this is a conversation you would need to have with your vet, but you shouldn’t ever simply stop bringing in your animal for check-ups. Vaccines are the most important preventative medicine available, and you should be doing everything you can to protect your pet from disease. This is particularly true if you leave you pet at a boarding kennel or take it for grooming. Any time a pet is exposed to other animals there is a greater risk of contracting an illness.

If you are a new pet-owner you will need to ensure that your animal receives its vaccinations in County Durham to stay healthy. Contact Ashfield Veterinary Surgery in County Durham for an appointment.

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