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If your home or business frequently experiences clogged drains, you need to figure out the cause behind repetitive drain clogs. You can hire someone to come out and do drain unblocking in Haywards Heath, but that gets annoying and expensive. One way to find the source and reasoning behind consistent clogs is to take advantage of CCTV drain surveys. These surveys are beneficial because your plumber gets a first-hand look at what’s going on within the plumbing system.

What Is a CCTV Survey?

CCTV stands for closed circuit television. When your plumber uses this type of diagnostic tool, he or she feeds a small camera into your plumbing system. The camera feed goes to a television that the plumber watches while moving the camera around inside the plumbing system.

The camera allows your plumber to diagnose problems and figure out why you keep getting drain clogs. Your plumber can provide this type of testing before you have a problem or before starting the drain unblocking. Haywards Heath homeowners should request this survey before the plumber begins any work.

Great for Businesses

CCTV surveys are great for businesses because it allows business owners to save money on drain unblocking in Haywards Heath. Rather than pay a plumber to keep returning to fix a problem, this diagnostic tool will determine the source of the clog and inform the plumber what needs to be done to rectify it. If you manage a business and need approval before agreeing to any extensive plumbing work, your plumber can provide you with a DVD of the diagnosis. This will let your boss see that there is a major problem and make it easier for you to get approval to start plumbing work.

Great for Home Buyers

A CCTV survey is great for new homebuyers who want a thorough inspection of their potential new home. This survey will let you know the status of the plumbing system and if anything should be replaced or repaired before you purchase the home. While a plumbing service can conduct a typical inspection, it doesn’t provide the same results as a camera inspection. If you want to avoid costly and timely plumbing repairs in the future, consider a CCTV survey before purchasing a new home.

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