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If you’re having trouble with your plumbing system, it may be time to repair or replace your plumbing pipes. Many people try to avoid plumbing repair or replacement because they fear that the plumbing company will have to tear up their yard to access the pipes. With no dig drain repair and drain relining, plumbing contractors no longer have to rip up your yard in order to access the plumbing system. With the need for only a small access point, no dig drain repair is a vast improvement over traditional pipe repair methods. The next time you hire someone for drain clearance in Lewes, ask for some information on no dig drain repair.

How No Dig Repair Works

You may be wondering how the plumber will access your system if they don’t dig into the ground. All the plumber needs is a small access point to a certain part of the system. Traditionally, plumbers had to dig up the whole area to replace each pipe. No dig uses a liner that’s fed into the pipes and instantly creates a new pipe. Even if a pipe is cracked, the liner will fix that by essentially replacing the interior of the current pipes.
These types of drain repairs are perfect for people who constantly need drain clearance. Lewes homeowners who struggle to keep their drains running smoothly may benefit from having an assessment on the current condition of their plumbing.

Drain Patch Repair

If your plumbing system only has a small area that needs repair, you can take advantage of drain patching. Similar to the relining process, drain patching involves lining a small section of drain to patch up cracks or breaks. Drains that have cracks in the surface can lead to numerous plumbing problems, especially since debris can get into the drain pipes through the cracks. Drain patching is perfect for systems that are fairly new but have one or two sections that need repair.

With the new no dig technology, repairing your plumbing system is much easier than before. Most plumbers can get the job done in one day with little to no disruption for your family. If you’re constantly calling for drain clearance in Lewes, maybe it’s time to assess the underlying problem and consider no dig plumbing repairs.

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