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Any time you have any kind of drain problem, you should know that CCTV drain surveys are ideal if you want to diagnosis the problem. You can contact a specialist during routine check-ups or when the drainage system has a problem. There are 4 main benefits for using CCTV drain surveys in Poole;

* Saves money – The survey is very accurate so the plumber does not have to work with assumptions to try and establish the cause of the blockage. What happens if the plumber does not use a technique that offers accurate findings? They misdiagnose the problem and end up repairing the wrong issue. At the end, you end up paying the plumber again and again until the issue is sorted.

* Good for new property owners – Before purchasing a home, property owners inspect the drainage system among other areas for any problem. The drain surveys in Poole reveal if there is an issue with the system. A plumber is able to rectify if an issue is discovered during the survey.

* Saves time – Drain problems are unsightly and a health hazard for you and your loved ones. It is therefore important that the problem is diagnosed as soon as possible to facilitate speedy repairs. The survey gives real-time footage of the problem so the plumber is able to rectify it as soon as possible.

* Zero disruption – When using the camera to establish the problem, the camera does all the work. The plumber directs it inside the drainage system until he establishes the source of the problem. After they find the source, then they excavate only the area with the problem. Since they dig a small area, the compound is not messed up with.

Solving any drainage problem begins by establishing the cause of the problem accurately. We use drain surveys at Canford Drains to help us to accurately identify the source of the problem. Click here for more information.