Benefits of Installing CCTV Systems

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Business

CCTV cameras offer protection for your offices and homes by keeping away criminals thus preventing them from breaking in your premises and stealing your valuables. Technological advances have led to incredible changes to the CCTV cameras which have led to there being analog and digital cameras.

When installing CCTV in Plymouth, you need to decide if you want an analog or a digital system. Overtime, digital cameras are growing in popularity more than analog cameras because of their numerous advantages.

The advantages include;

 * Remote viewing of the footage – Digital CCTV systems give you peace of mind as you can monitor the video and picture footages from anywhere. The system is connected to the internet so as long as you have internet coverage where you are, you can monitor your premises.

 * Easy to upgrade – When you install digital CCTV in Plymouth, you can always upgrade by increasing the number of cameras. The DVR for digital systems supports many channels but for analog systems you need to use a cable which runs to the DVR from the camera.

 * Sharp recording – Technological advancements have made it possible for the cameras to capture more clear images because of the higher resolution. When the camera captures an image of the thief, it takes very little effort to identify the culprit unlike when an analog camera is used. Analog systems have poor resolution and it therefore takes a lot of work to figure out the identity of the intruder even if their image is captured by the camera.

To ensure that your CCTV system serves you for long, make a choice that allows you to upgrade whenever need be and one that is convenient to use. Contact us at Ace Fire & Security for information on CCTV systems and installations. Make sure that you contact a professional CCTV installer for the best results.

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