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There are quite a few homeowners who do not realise that a large amount of a home’s energy loss is due to inefficient windows. Older windows with only single panes do not utilizes the latest technology that helps to increase energy savings while preventing warm or cool air loss from the home.

The specific benefits offered by installing energy efficient Windows in Glasgow include:

* Reduced energy costs

* Reduced issues with carpet or furniture colour fading

* Reduced condensation on the actual windows

* Enhanced comfort in the space

* More light without the concern for dangerous UV rays

Improvements Made in Modern Windows

The modern replacement windows available today are offered in a number of sizes, styles and colours with the biggest advantages they offer being in the way they are manufactured and the glass used. The majority of modern windows feature a double pane of glass, in some cases triple pane. This means there is space present in between the glass to offer an additional barrier between the interior of your home and the outside.

In addition to offering double and triple pane window options, there are a number of manufacturers that are now adding additional features such as Argon gas and Low-E glass. While this may sound a bit complicated, it is actually fairly simple. The Low-E glass coating helps to provide additional insulation for the windows, while preventing fading for clothes, carpets, furniture and more.

Argon gas is when the window manufacturer places this gas in between the panes of glass. This also helps to provide additional insulation for the windows, while increasing the sound barrier.

Advantages Offered by Replacement Windows

There is no question that modern windows have come quite a long way from the traditional, wood framed options that featured a single pane of glass. Now you may wonder the specific advantages these modern options offer. Visit website to get more information.

To begin with, the double and triple pane windows that feature Argon gas and Low-E glass can provide up to a 30 percent savings on the homeowner’s heating bill and as much as a 45 percent savings on the air conditioning cost. Also, with these increased savings on the cooling and heating bill, these windows will also help to create a more comfortable environment inside your home. These new windows will reduce drafts, furniture colour fading and even increase the natural light, without letting in the harmful UV rays.

Installing energy efficient Windows Glasgow just makes sense and you can learn more by contacting the Window Advice Centre.