Blocked Drains – Causes of Drain Blockage

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Plumber

There are many things that could cause your drain to block. If you have children they may have a habit of flushing objects down the toilet that end up blocking the draining system. Plants are known to block drains when the root works its way to the drain in search of water. Roots can put pressure on the pipes and crack them, allowing dirt and debris to get into the drain. Hair that has accumulated in the drains can also cause blockage, together with fat and grease from your kitchen sink that gets stuck in the drain. If you are experiencing drainage issues then you need assistance from professionals that offer the service of blocked drains in Poole.

What to Do When Your Drains Block

When you have problems with your drains becoming blocked, you need a professional engineer to examine your draining system. They will arrive at your residence with the proper equipment as soon as possible. Once an engineer has detected where and what the drainage problem is they will repair it as quickly as they can. No matter how small or big your blocked drains are they can handle it. Engineers will have your drains cleared and clean so your water flows smoothly again.

Blockages Cleared by Experts Include:

* Removal of Tree Roots

* Blocked Drains

* Showers

* Baths

* Stack Pipes

* Toilets

* Sinks

* Gullies

Keeping Your Drain Clear

There are a few things you can do to keep your drains from becoming blocked. The most important is to ensure you are cautious about what goes down your drain and what lies around the drain. When cleaning dishes, make sure you clear the plates of all leftover food before placing them in the sink. Always use enough soap so that grease from the dishes breaks down adequately and do not pour grease into a drain. If you have small children keep your bathroom door closed so they cannot toss object into the toilet. Browse site for more information.

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