Repairing Electric Garage Doors in Bridgend

by | May 4, 2017 | Garage Doors

No matter what make or model of electric garage door system you have, or the age of the system, it is always important to take care of it and quickly address any repair needs that might arise. There is a great deal riding on your garaged door system and when it fails to work as it should, it can have serious and even dangerous repercussions for you and your family. Staying on top of repairs and routine maintenance is important and can help extend the life of your system. Make sure you call in the experts whenever you need repairs done to your electric garage doors in Bridgend, rather than attempting to do any repair work yourself!

Broken Spring Repair

One of the more common issues electric garage systems have involves broken, damaged, or stretched torsion springs. The obvious signs of problems with the coils include slower response from the door, grinding and creaking, or a popping sound if the springs break or crack. It is very important to not ignore issues with the springs once you know they exist. Catastrophic failure of the springs will cause complete garage door failure and the entire door can close on its own, hitting anyone or anything under it. It will also be impossible to open the door and get out of the garage if the springs completely fail. So, make sure you include the torsion springs on your list of things to check in your routine inspections!

Emergency Repairs and Assistance

Garage door repairs can be a complex process and depending on the amount of damage done and the parts of the system involved it can be a very complicated repair job. There are many parts in the electric garaged door system and if just one fails or malfunctions, the entire system can stop working or be compromised. And of course, grange door problems always seem to happen at the worst possible time- so save yourself the hassle and aggravation of finding someone to do an emergency call and know who your local garaged door repair experts are ahead of time. Have their number handy so you can call and get the help you need, any time day or night.

When you need help with your electric garage doors in Bridgend, there is one name to trust, Access Garage Doors!

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