Book a B&B Stay in a Herefordshire Hideaway for a Special Occasion

by | Oct 24, 2014 | Travel

We all need a break from the tedium of the daily schedule now and again, whether it’s by unwinding with a beverage or two, or by watching the sun set after tucking into a homemade feast. A preferred alternative to a stay at a hotel is a B&B visit, and what better destination than Herefordshire? Set in the West Midlands, this historic English county is home to approximately 55,000 people and the scenic surroundings are known for cattle breeding, and fruit and cider production. Should you be preparing for the celebration of a special occasion, choose a bed and breakfast for the following reasons.

Friendly Service

You will barely have to lift a finger when you take a break at a guesthouse, because the owners will carry your bags, show you to your room, provide you with clean linen, etc. In addition to this, they will prepare meals in the morning, afternoon and evening, so you can enjoy delicious home cooking in an intimate environment. The best thing is that the owners take pride in running their bed and breakfast, so you need not worry about being overcharged for services, because everything is combined into the package price. The majority of bed and breakfast accommodation will offer catering for various dietary requirements too, and many of the meals will be prepared with locally sourced ingredients!

Range of Amenities

Each room inside a bed and breakfast in Herefordshire will have its very own personality. With so much variety, this type of accommodation is ideal for everyone! Designed to feel like a home away from home, the one-of-a-kind architectural structures will ooze personality and feature an assortment of amenities, including typical ones like:

* Chests of drawers
* Bedside lamps and tables
* Digital television
* Free WiFi
* Shower and bath
* Heating and cooling

Rural Location

When you consider the fact that most big hotel chains are based in busy city locations, it’s not surprising that guesthouse bed and breakfasts are so appealing. Forget about noisy traffic and city disruptions, because a B&B stay gives you a sense of adventure. You will find it hard to resist the urge to admire the beauty of nature and explore new terrain when you stay in beautiful surroundings. Aside from discovering areas off the beaten path, you can also meet fellow travellers. If you would like to stay in a guesthouse and B&B surrounded by picturesque countryside, arrange a visit to Sink Green Farm.

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